» Boeing 747-1000
Word from the designer: Hello, 3 years ago we started this program but it was called the B999-1000. It was our first design with GMAX. After lounging almost 30 paints for the B999-1000 it was time to make the next step in designing. The plan was to make a plane like the Airbus A380 but with new Boeing technology. The new Boeing 747-1000 ...

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A new project is started. It's a nother dubbeldeck plane based on a project for somebody. The plane looks good. It looks like a duubeldeck 777 with A380 and b787 technology in it. Take a look at: www.youtube.com keyword: ecoliner. It will be a plane for great framerates so you can use it for normal flying and ai traffic. The LOD(level of detail) ...

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» Contact
If you want more information about the Boeing 747-1000: Contact us: koenikova_3_@hotmail.com use subject: B747-1000 or call: 06-20538011 Netherlands telephone: (+0031)
» Updates:
There will be no more updates made for the 747-10. You can buy the basemodel for 4 euro's so you can paint it yourself in the colors of your favoriet airliner.
» Orders
KLM: delivered!!! Emirates: delivered!!! Lufthansa: delivered!!! Singapore: delivered!!! British Airways:delivered!!! Northwest: delivered!!! United: delivered!!! Qantas: delivered!!! NOTE!! The delivery times are the latest times that the plane must be delivered.
» Links
Good sites for Flight Simulator: WWW.DUTCHFS.NL WWW.AVSIM.COM WWW.FLIGHTSIM.COM WWW.YOUTUBE.COM (delivery movies) Sites for Boeing 747-1000: WWW.BOEING747-1000.TK HTTP://WWW.BOEING747-1000.MYSITES.NL/

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  • All planes are ready and deleliverd. We end this program and we are starting with a new plane. If you still want to fly the 747-1000 you can order the 747-1000 base model for only 4euro's. You have to paint it yourself.

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