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Hello, 3 years ago we started this program but it was called the B999-1000. It was our first design with GMAX. After lounging almost 30 paints for the B999-1000 it was time to make the next step in designing. The plan was to make a plane like the Airbus A380 but with new Boeing technology. The new Boeing 747-1000 needed to have the best technology like the new Boeing 747-8 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The first start with building the 747-1000 started on 15 October 2006. After almost a half year later the plane was finished. In May we run the 747-1000 out of itís hangar for itís first engine run and taxiing over the runway. Itís first flight was on 17 May 2007. After the test flight we had a lot to do. Adjusting the animations, flaps and the contact points.

After that we started really testing the aircraft to adjust the aircraft-file. The plane had to have a cruising speed of minimal 520 knots on a flight level 350. Also the plane had to have a non stop route from every destination in the world. That makes the 747-1000 (or 747-10) the first plane that can fly non stop on all routes.

For testing warm weather testing we went to Dubai. A week later we were at the Antarctica winter base for extreme temperatures under -35 degrees. Al test run perfectly.

When testing this, the second plane (KLM) was already in the hangar for its paintjob.
On 10 August 2007 the test were completed and the plane was ready for what it was made:

When writing this the first delivery for the KLM is almost ready for itís flight to his new home at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam Holland.

We know because this is our second time we build an aircraft it all can be better. Thatís why we are still trying to improve the 747-10. With new updates like better animations, textures and other realistic things we hope you enjoy this product as much as i liked to building it.

Have fun flying.


Koen de Groot
Boeing 747-1000 project leader.

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  • All planes are ready and deleliverd. We end this program and we are starting with a new plane. If you still want to fly the 747-1000 you can order the 747-1000 base model for only 4euro's. You have to paint it yourself.

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